You play as a young adult using a dating app, specially designed for those who are interested in the paranormal. 

You also happen to be an exorcist, and have a unique ability: you can exorcise demons by kissing!


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This is a great game! Got the "True Ending"! Had lots of fun with playing this, even if it was short it works out great!


Fun game. Short and to the point. And to be fair, I totally dig making out in a hidden corner of bookshelves. I really like the idea behind this too, it reminded me of a few of the trashy(but in a good way) books I have read about people fighting the paranormal while dealing withthe daily grind but also just wanting to get seduced by the hot supernatural creature thats getting on their nerves. 

But yeah, an interesting ability and honestly I wonder how it was discovered that you could kiss demons away. Must have been hilariously awful.

thanks so much!! I'm actually working on a comic right now that uses this concept as the base for the story, since I did want more things to happen but didn't wanna make my first game too long. thank you for enjoying it!!


A very sweet game you created here!

I wish it was longer actually, with more branching options during the dates and actual "routes" with various outcomes, instead of a single true ending with only one specific character. Now, I'm not actually saying it as a bad thing - the game doesn't feel incomplete or lacking - it's more like I really liked the game and I'd love to have more of it haha!

Thank you so much!! I wanted to make it longer, and may end up updating it. I didn't want my first game to overwhelm me too much, so i kept it more simple. I wanted to add illustrations and stuff but twine doesnt have a good way tp do it ^^' I'm definitely planning on updating it in the future, or revamping it c: 

I'm actually working on a four panel comic series about the exorcist that i might put online eventually!


Oh, that's cool! I really liked the setting and characters, so I'll gladly read it if you put it online - and of course I'll be happy to play the updated game!